July 24, 2014

I cook up smart social media recipes so you can be free to cook your delicious food and fill your restaurant

BREAKING NEWS: My first eBook has been published! “Simple Social Media: Marketing Your Restaurant in 30 Minutes a Day” is now available on Amazon – click here to order!


Your food is fabulous – Tell the whole city!

You need more customers – Fill your tables every night!

You are the best at what you do – Show us your deliciousness!

I help you share how scrumptious you are through the creative use of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

You spend your days cooking amazing things – whether it’s tantalizing meals or brilliant ideas – and I spend mine online, keeping up with cutting edge ideas and tactics on social media to help you broadcast your brilliance.  You do what you do best, and I’ll do the same – and the world will be a more delectable place.

Bring me your big ideas and I will make “social media” a powerful, efficient, effective method for you to shine – without taking over your entire life.  It’s a brilliant recipe and together we’ll create a beautiful, fully-baked masterpiece to share with a ravenous audience

FOOD IS YOUR BUSINESS – SOCIAL MEDIA IS MINE … so email me today and let’s get cooking!.