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You’re an independent restaurant owner and proud to not be part of a large national chain. You love to share your passion for food, and thrive by giving diners a great experience. Read more…

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Living the dream of taking your secret recipe and turning it into a full-time business? Everyone you know says your product is the best out there, and you’re on a mission to turn your deeply rooted passion into a best-selling artisan product. Read more…

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You left Cubicle Nation to be your own boss and do the work you love. Now you’re following your own passions, serving others and enjoying the ride. So why aren’t you feeling the rush? Read more…

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  • toilettankFB

    Why is Facebook Hiding Your Fans in the Toilet Tank?

    Most of you have probably seen at least one – if not 10 – movies where a frightened person or criminal hides money in a sealed bag in a toilet tank. No one will ever think to look for something valuable there, right? Who looks in a dirty, disgusting, damp compartment? But of course their […]

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  • 306937_10150983368399334_357343891_n

    Speaker – Elance-oDesk May 14

    Putting the Social back into Social Media Social media is all about dialogue, not monologue! Social media is here to stay, but there’s more to these rapidly evolving platforms than just how many followers you have or how many messages you post. Building an engaged and responsive audience takes time, and building strong relationships is […]

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  • LinkedIn summary

    50% of Professionals on LinkedIn are Missing this Key Element

    In the days when you were job hunting, did you ever send in just your resume as your application, with no cover letter? Or now as a business owner, would you respond to a potential customer with an email that only included a link to your website, with no introduction or verbiage? Of course not! You […]

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